2002 T.A. Business Development S.A.M.
Area of activity and scope of business determine the new legal form.

1999 T. A. Consulting
Purpose of business and group structure are adapted to match customer expectations.

1994 T. A. Trade and Acquisition
Tonio Arcaini concentrates his group's activities in Monaco.

Tonio Arcaini has been involved in the T. A. Handelskontor (which later became part of the T.A. Group), focussing mainly on barter or counter trade deals since 1983. During this time, various trading companies and corporate entities were established in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Hong Kong.

The T.A. Group’s positive results did not remained unnoticed in the business world. More and more often, it was approached by new clients seeking advice on thorny foreign trade issues. Its area of competency was thus extended to encompass active marketing.

This is where Tonio Arcaini also saw the future for his company. In response to ever more pressing foreign trade requirements, TA took over the commercial transactions of its partners in that time's difficult markets. Professional acquisitions and the careful analysis of the competitive environment paved the way for the partners' success.

At the end of the 80s, the partners' needs and expectations changed. Thus, for instance, numerous competitors had created branch offices in their sector's relevant markets and had started to relocate head office skills abroad.

In this altered environment, TA was required to act as both expert and strategic partner. Because of their lack of in-house expertise and in the face of often complex administrative structures, the partners required active management support. Thanks to a timely assessment of these developments, T.A. Consulting was able to secure sufficient own resources to meet these new challenges.

A review of the past decade shows that even for market leaders their speed of response to market developments has become increasingly critical to gain market share and secure market position. All this has resulted in altering the nature and thrust of TA's marketing services. Through an ever greater presence in the relevant markets, the TA was in a position to keep close track of the globalisation moves of its partners' competitors.

Base on the knowledge and insights thus gained, new business ideas are developed, often in collaboration with media personalities well known for their interest in innovation. As far as TA is concerned, marketing has entered a new dimension.