Marketing management

Marketing management includes the traditional aspects of marketing but exceeds it in operational terms.

TA-BD, in consultation with senior management, develops marketing concepts to ensure the success of its industrial partners in targeted markets.

The partners’ marketing goals set the framework for the development of strategies suitable to the attainment of these objectives.

TA-BD’s specific local and regional know-how complements the partners' experience and determines the strategic orientation in individual markets.

The continuous cross-referencing of the partners' information and local knowledge derived from TA-BD's constant monitoring of developments, allows for a responsive decision making process and timely adjustments to changing circumstances.

TA-BD also assists its partners in local administrative matters, the selection of local partners or local business premises, in local value creation and project financing.

  • Assistance in respect of local administrative issues
  • Selection of appropriate partners and subcontractors
  • Choice of location or local establishment