Munich - Wiesbaden

The first T.A. Liegenschaften project dates back to 2002 and was implemented in Munich. The Baaderstrasse 44 building was completely redeveloped and the facade, which was in desperate need of renovation, was restored to its original 1878 splendour.

All of the flats are of an exceptionally high standard, which has been achieved by both sophisticated design and high quality equipment with no expenses spared.

The city of Munich has rewarded this dedication to excellence with its façade prize for 2004.

Fassadenpreis (PDF-Download 1,3 MB)

The project Albrechtstraße 20-22 in Wiesbaden was begun in parallel.

This integrates senior citizen accommodation with the requirements of commercial use. In close cooperation with our architects and project management team headed by Thomas Held, the wants and desires of both groups of clients were translated into reality. The project was completed in May, 2006.

For information on rental properties please contact “Immobilien Scholze – Hausverwaltung”.