Welcome to T.A. Liegenschaften

T.A. Liegenschaften GmbH & Co KG is managed as an independent company under German company law. Within the TA Group, it focuses on the planning, construction and rental of selected property projects.

Like all TA Group companies, T.A. Liegenschaften contributes to and participates in the knowledge management of the TA Group. By means of sophisticate information exchange platforms, T.A. Liegenschaften make its specific knowledge and expertise available to other TA companies, notably when these are involved in turn key projects having a significant civil works component or necessitating the review and evaluation of construction plans, design and equipment.

Independently, T.A. Liegenschaften is involved in the acquisition, development and administration of both buildings and green field sites.

Of foremost interest are listed properties in need of renovation and projects involving integrated residential and commercial use.

T.A. Liegenschaften has responsibility for the management of tenant and contractual relations as well as the administration of these properties either in its own right or in cooperation with professional management companies.