MONTE CARLO Beer Festival “Oktoberfest 2009” – 4th EVENT

The “Oktoberfest 2009” will take place according to authentic Bavarian tradition from October 16 to 25 in a marquee decorated for the occasion in the colours of Monaco and of Bavaria and set up on the the Café de Paris' new terrace. This fourth event – awaited with great anticipation after the enthusiasm generated by the first three editions – is once again organised by the Société des Bains de Mer and T.A. Distribution S.A.M., the official importer of premium beers from the WEIHENSTEPHAN brewery as well as of the health drink “XAN WELLNESS.”

Opening Ceremony:
The opening ceremony will take place inside the marquee at the Café de Paris at 8pm on October 16 and will be evocative of Munich’s Oktoberfest. Thus, this German-Monegasque festival will be opened by the traditional tapping of the first keg of beer to the traditional cry of “O’Zapft is” in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Monegasque officials and a Bavarian delegation.

The group “Echt Guat,” which was such a success at the last event, will be accompanied by singer Sabine Kapfinger and will perform a varied repertoire, creating a cheery and festive atmosphere on as well as off the dance floor. During the opening ceremony, the Monegasque folklore group “La Palladienne” will join “Echt Guat” in celebration of an event designed to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the Monaco and Bavaria.

Beer and Fine Dining:
With its various beers, WEIHENSTEPHAN, which is the oldest brewery in the world and is under Bavarian public ownership, will be providing the best the Bavarian tradition has to offer. The beers presented are Weihenstephaner Original, Hefeweissbier (white beer) and Kristallweissbier, winner of the coveted “Grand Champion Trophy” in Melbourne.
A wide-ranging menu has been put together, comprising German specialities for which a number of ingredients are to be imported from Bavaria. During the 10 days of this OKTOBERFEST in the marquee at the Café de Paris, German chef Bruno Henrich will work alongside his counterpart, Jacques Lambert of the Café de Paris, to serve fine food of a high standard.

And Well-being:
The “health drink” XAN WELLNESS will provide an ideal alternative for all those not wanting to drink alcohol. This malty/fruity drink is rich in xanthohumol, a natural antioxidant contained in hop flowers. Developed by researchers at Munich’s Technical University together with the WEIHENSTEPHAN brewery, XAN WELLNESS will also be served inside the marquee at the Café de Paris in Monaco.

For information concerning the events above, please contact:
Reservations at the Café de Paris: Tel.: +377 98 06 36 36 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.