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Blood collection with DI ery-C

The innovation DI ery-C greatly facilitates the collection of blood from the surgery site in order to mix bone augmentation material during the pre-implantation phase of treatment.

All too frequently, a patient's request for an implant cannot be met without bone augmentation. In 70 to 75% of cases, a sufficient bone base to securely anchor the implant no longer exists. Bone replacement material is an often utilised alternative to autologous transplants. It is, as a rule, delivered in granular form and subsequently mixed into a paste with fresh blood and then inserted into the operative cavity.

For years, implantologists have struggled to obtain a sufficient quantity of blood from a wound. To date the most common method of blood collection was to use a classical syringe. However, in many instances, the wound yields only seepage blood. This means that the syringe cannot be completely immersed into the blood and, as a result, more air than blood is sucked into the syringe.

Under these circumstances, the less than ideal compromise is to blend a saline solution into the bone replacement granules, even though there is a broad consensus that this may not produce the best outcome.

DI ery-C offers a way out of this dilemma – an astonishingly simple, time saving and inexpensive solution.

DI ery-C is one of many implantoLOGICAL innovations developed by the T.A. Dental Innovations' creative team with the aim of making life easier for dental surgeons and implantologists.

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