Extracting with ingenuity: DI easy X-trac+.

DI easy X-trac+ is the original non-traumatic extraction system. It allows for the removal of defective teeth without the use of root elevators or forceps thus preventing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Once the anamnesis and x-ray diagnosis has been completed, things are often very clear: the tooth must go. Tooth extraction is an increasingly frequent and common intervention in the pre-implantation phase of the traditional OP protocol. Implantologist place ever greater emphasis on the least invasive procedures – for when the dentist applies elevators and forceps, there is a high risk of damage to the bone and to the soft tissue surrounding the tooth.

DI easy X-trac+ requires neither rotation or tilting and thus spares the surrounding tissue. It also noticeably reduces post-operative swelling, trauma and other complications. Furthermore, the preservation of soft and hard tissues is a precondition when immediate implantations are planned. Finally, the volume of bone augmentations required is visibly smaller.

DI easy X-trac+ is in every respect an outstanding tool developed by the creative team
of T.A. Dental Innovations. Conceived by implantologists for implantologists, the joint efforts of Dr. Thomas Offermann and Dr. Hans-Peter Hornig have produced an extraction system beneficial for both dentists and patients.