DI bone shaper for precision treated transplants.

Thanks to the DI bone shaper, implantologists and oral surgeons can work on bone grafts under optimal conditions. – saving time and gaining in precision.

All too often, the bone base available does not suffice to securely anchor the implant. Thus measures to build up the bone mass prior to implantation are increasingly common. However, the sole use of industrially produced artificial bone is frequently not enough to achieve the desired result. Bone transplants, ideally taken from another part of the patient's mouth, offer the best solution to enhance the bone base.

Such bone grafts then need to be shaped to achieve a perfect fit. To affix them to the existing base, one or several drillings are also required – a treatment that necessitates the utmost care and precision, but should take the least amount of time possible in order to minimise operating time and patient discomfort.

By holding the graft securely in place, the DI bone shaper allows for maximum accuracy. Within a ring, the piece of bone is pinioned onto a small plate by means of six fixation screws. The water required for irrigation is cleanly collected within the device, which serves as repository for the bone transplant until it is placed in situ.

The DI bone shaper simplifies an important transplant procedure and thus contributes to the success of these types of operations, to the ultimate satisfaction of both implantologists and patients. This compact device incorporates – as do all the innovative products developed by the T.A. Dental Innovations' creative team – the experience of active implantologists.